Membership is open to any organization that is an originator of online content with a demonstrated commitment to maintaining the highest standards in Online Publishing.

Membership criteria are as follows:

  1. The applying organization must operate a Web publishing business comprised of the creation and distribution of content and the monetization of that content through advertising, subscription sales, or both. Applicants may be public companies, private companies or divisions within either. For applicants whose web publishing operations are divisions of larger entities, the division must operate as a standalone revenue center.

  2. The applying organization must maintain a dedicated content production staff for the purpose of publishing online content. The size and composition of the staff may vary, but generally content production personnel will represent a significant portion of the total organization.

  3. The applying organization’s online content must not be inappropriate, obscene or otherwise unlawful.

  4. The organization must dedicate a portion of its staff to revenue generating activities whether they are ad sales, subscription sales, or both.

  5. Qualifying organizations must adhere to the OPA Europe mission statement and demonstrate an on-going, scrupulous commitment to best practices for Online Publishing.

  6. Applicants must agree that, upon acceptance, they will appoint a senior executive within their organization to serve as their OPA Europe representative.

  7. The applying organization must not use any marketing or promotional techniques that in OPA’s Europe view are likely to confuse or mislead consumers.

Membership Dues

The dues will be paid annually by each Member for twelve (12) months and will not under any circumstances be reimbursed, either totally or partially, even in the event of removal, exclusion or resignation of said Member.

Membership Application

If your organization meets the above defined criteria and you are interested in joining the OPA Europe, please contact us.

Insights and Research

Members have access to an Interactive bench-marking exchange of insights and solutions, actionable data, and case studies.

The Network Grid

Members are connected to the best performers in Paid Content, Big Data, Ad Sales, Online Video, Organisation/Digital Integration, Mobile, Social Media, New Content & Services, and CMS/Tech. 

Our Member Companies

OPA Europe Member Companies include many of Europe's leading Premium Publishers.

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