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A large majority of iPad owners would prefer free, ad-supported media to content they have to pay for, according to a new survey by Knowledge Networks, first reported on the Ad Age Web site. But by the same token, they're not exactly happy about advertising.

Specifically, Knowledge Networks found that 86% of iPad owners would be willing to see an ad in return for free access to content, including TV shows and articles from magazines and newspapers. That compares with just 13% who said they would be willing to pay for this type of content, if they already have access to it elsewhere.

At the same time, 78% said advertising "takes away from their enjoyment of their iPad." Assuming this group includes all 13% who said they prefer paid content, this would seem to suggest that about 65% of iPad owners would grudgingly accept advertising -- even though they don't actually like it -- rather than reach for their wallets.

Full article:http://www.mediapost.com/publications/?fa=Articles.showArticle&art_aid=143082&nid=122783

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