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Facebook research has found that 42 per cent of adults start activities on one device and finish on another, suggesting device-switching has become mainstream among adults in the UK.

The research into device use found that 63 per cent of people use two or more devices every day, while more than a fifth (21 per cent) use three or more devices a day.

The study surveyed 2,018 adults. It was commissioned by Facebook and carried out by market research company GfK between November and December 2013.

It found that the more devices people own, the more they move between them to complete tasks.

Of people who own two devices, 54 per cent switch between them mid-activity, rising to 73 per cent of people with three devices.

Mark Bulling, the EMEA measurement lead for Facebook, said switching between devices was now "commonplace".

Full article: http://digital-stats.blogspot.fr/2014/03/42-of-adults-in-uk-start-activities-on.html

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