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At the 8th edition of its annual Interact conference IAB Europe today announced that online advertising grew 11.9% to a market value of €27.3bn in 2013.

The AdEx Benchmark research - the definitive guide to the state of the European online advertising market - revealed that online advertising enjoyed another year of sustained growth across Europe. Most markets have shown a significant and now more uniform level of growth than in previous years. Whilst developing markets continue to grow their share of total media spend, the more mature markets have benefited from innovation in online advertising technology and advances in monetizing mobile, enabling them to also further extend their growth curve. Changing consumer patterns have made mobile monetization more urgent and Western European markets in particular are responding to this challenge generating the majority of their growth from mobile. A robust macroeconomic framework has increased advertiser confidence and stimulated budget shifts to online.

Mobile has taken double-digit display market share for the first time, accounting for 11.5% with a growth rate of 128.5% compared with 2012.

Full article: http://www.iabeurope.eu/news/european-online-advertising-market-records-new-high-273bn

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