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Agora has just become a partner at Money.pl, acquiring half of the shares in Business Ad Network Sp. z o.o. (BAN) - an online advertising network launched by Money.pl. BAN offers advertising space in services featuring quality content covering e.g. economics and business.

- From the Money.pl's point of view making Agora a partner of Business Ad Network enhances the company's market position - the network has gained the engagement of two powerful online groups, thus taking advantage of both of them, as well of the competence and experience of managers representing said companies - concluded Arkadiusz Osiak, CEO of Money.pl.

BAN has been operating on the online advertising market since the third quarter of 2009. The network currently covers the advertising space of Money.pl Group business services as well as Agora services: Wyborcza.pl, Wyborcza.biz, Gospodarka.Gazeta.pl or Komunikaty.pl, reaching a total of over 6 million users per month.*

- We have supported BAN from the very beginning - Agora services were immediately included in our network's offer. Our present engagement proves that we do believe in the success of this project - stresses Tomasz Józefacki, a member of Agora's management board, responsible for the Group's online activities.

Tomasz Pudlis continues to act as the CEO of Business Ad Network.

* real users, Megapanel PBI/Gemius, February 2010.
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