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Agora, one of the largest and most renowned media companies in Central and Eastern Europe, today announced the debut of its YouTube channels, bringing Internet users in Poland and across the globe a new way to experience and enjoy short form content from Internet services published by Agora Group.

Agora will start, inter alia, channels for its portal Gazeta.pl, service Wyborcza.pl and online series produced by A2 Multimedia, a production company owned by Agora and ATM Group. These channels will debut with more than 7,500 videos in total. An additional few hundreds videos from Agora Group, including productions by A2 Multimedia, will be uploaded to Agora‘s channels each week.

"We're thrilled to establish a relationship with Agora to bring its video to YouTube and, at the same time, establish new revenue streams," said Anthony Zameczkowski from YouTube. "The demand on YouTube for compelling and thought provoking content like that offered by Agora Group, increases every day and we look forward to connecting both existing fans and new viewers with their programing."

YouTube's social features enable people to rate videos in YouTube channels, discuss them via text comments and video responses, and post them with the click of a button to social networks like Facebook and Twitter to help them get discovered by new viewers.

„We appreciate the trust of the global partner and his appreciation for the quality and attractiveness of our video content. We believe that this cooperation will increase the audience of our production and help in monetization" - says Maciej Wicha, director of operations and services in Agora's Internet division.

YouTube will sell advertising including InVideo overlays, display units and pre-rolls against videos found in Agora's channels. Agora will use YouTube's Content ID is tools to identify user-uploaded versions of its videos, empowering them to block,* track,**, or monetize*** those works.

Block* - keep matched content from being seen either worldwide or in a specific territory defined by the content owner
Track** - leave videos on YouTube and view aggregate demographics, popular locations, etc.
Monetize*** - license videos to YouTube and receive a revenue share for ads served around the matched content

About Agora
Agora was established in 1989; since 1999 Agora's shares have been listed on the Warsaw stock exchange. The company's flagship business is Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland's largest quality daily. Its newspaper operations also include a free national daily Metro, Poland's #3 most read daily title and 14 color magazines which offer a broad range of topics, from interior design and home to culinary and lifestyle issues. Agora's second largest business line is AMS - the leading Poland's outdoor advertising company. The company's radio operations encompass a group of local radio stations, one superregional news radio and an Internet radio Tuba.fm. Agora continues to accelerate its Internet offer. The company's Internet services are among Polish top players in their categories. These include over several dozen online brands from Gazeta.pl Group, such as Gazeta.pl and Tokfm.pl Internet portals, Wyborcza.biz and Wyborcza.pl with e-edition of Gazeta Wyborcza, classified vortals on employment and real-estate, thematic services like Sport.pl or Tivi.pl and social services, like Blox.pl. The strength of Agora's media brands is translated into successful development of add-on and collection business which sold several dozen million books and books with DVDs/CDs.

About YouTube
YouTube is the world's top video website, with more than 480 million unique visitors a month (source: ComScore) and 10 million in Poland (source: PBI/Gemius MegaPanel 01/2010). It enables millions of Internet users to discover, watch and share originally created videos. YouTube offers a forum where Internet users can discuss, find information and inspire others across the globe. It also acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers, large and small.
YouTube LLC is based in San Bruno, California, and is a subsidiary of Google Inc.
YouTube has more professional partners than any other video website and works hand in hand with more and more content creators and advertisers to create new sources of revenue and to innovate on the Internet. We thereby offer these content partners an extremely broad worldwide distribution platform at low cost

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