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Advertisements published in the upper part of a site had the longest emission time on the homepages of internet sites, while skyscrapper and rectangle forms of adverts were unrivalled on the features pages – such are the results of the Business Ad Network research, which was based on Alenty – the French technology measuring the time of banner projection on the user’s screen. 

- According to Alenty, the knowledge of how much time is spent on viewing different size banners on various sites helps the marketer to optimize an advertising campaign even by as much as 20%. It also helps to adjust emission place to time of the presented animation – says Jarosław Śliżewski, Board Member of BAN – As it may happen that an agency comes up with a long, sophisticated animation that will have no chance of reaching the reader, because it is emitted in the place, where the reader spends only half the time needed to understand the message of the advert.

Research results 
Research on banner time emission was conducted by internet advertising network BAN (Business Ad Network) in Money.pl and Wyborcza.biz with respect to three formats: billboard, rectangle and skyscrapper. The banners within the researched were viewed by 140 thousand internet users during 726 hours of emission. On average each banner was displayed on the user’s screen for 15 seconds. The research shows that billboards guarantee the highest viewing efficiency (over 90.5%), while rectangle banners are viewed longest (16.1 second). 

Emission (i.e. which animation part of the banner was watched)
- billboard - 90.5% 
- skyscrapper – 76.1%
- rectangle – 72.9%.

Time  (average display time of the whole/ part of the banner animation on the computer screen)
- rectangle – 16.1 sec.
- billboard – 14.3 sec.
- skyscraper – 14.1 sec.

Alenty technology, which measures the time of banner display on the computer screens, takes into account the size and resolution of screens. If there was only a part of the banner displayed on the screen, the system added some time; however, when the Internet user failed to use the mouse or the keyboard for 10 seconds – the system did not count the time.

Compared to the average results on the French market, where this kind of research is applied on a large scale, advertisements within BAN network have a similar time of viewing, but the effectiveness is higher by 17%. The research was conducted by means of Smart server, which distributes the Alenty technology.


Business Ad Network is an alliance of premium advertising publishers and has been operating since the end of 2009.  BAN conducts marketing actions in almost 30 Internet services with quality content, including: Money.plBankier.plWyborcza.pl,Wyborcza.biz., technology Gazeta.plePrawnik.plTokfm.pliWoman.pl and professional law and economy services owned by C.H. Beck


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