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RCS_Digital_big_rgbMilan, 11 April 2012 – The new Corriere della Sera Digital Edition 2.0 native iPad app was unveiled to the press and the publishing community today. Specifically developed to fully exploit the potential of the Apple tablet, the Corriere della Sera Digital Edition 2.0 will, according to the launch campaign, “change the way we read the world”.

Strengthening its leadership in innovation, the Corriere della Sera is the first Italian daily newspaper to be completely redesigned for new readers who regularly use a tablet as a privileged window on information. The new format offers readers the quality and authority for which it has always been known, combined with exceptional freedom and a rich browsing experience.

As revealed by the Doxa Digital Media 2012 study, people who use a tablet read more than before and require new interactive, multimedia ways of reading.

The Corriere della Sera native app for iPad has been developed precisely to respond to these new demands, allowing the reader to personalise the page format of the daily newspaper, prioritise the news and choose the order of reading, thanks to three different solutions set up by the editorial team: the traditional version; a new, highly visual and innovative digital front page; or a tag cloud with key words offering readers the opportunity to read more about the day’s key issues.

The reading experience is continuously enhanced with photo galleries, Corriere TV video clips and an innovative infographic; in addition, local news from all over the world, finance news with continually updated stock market information, and personalised weather forecasts are also available.

Corriere della Sera Digital Edition 2.0 enables readers to browse the new daily newspaper from 6 a.m.; save and store individual articles, entire pages and complete issues on their iPad; receive  continuous information updates with news flashes and content from Corriere della Sera.it; comment on news and share it via email, Facebook or Twitter.

The new app also enables readers to skim through all the titles in the Corriere stable: the magazines Sette, Sette Green, Io Donna, Style and Casa Amica; Corriere Economia, Mezzogiorno Economia, Vivi Milano, Corriere Motori, TrovoCasa and TrovaCasa Pregio; the Sunday newspaper La Lettura and all Corriere della Sera special issues; as well as all the local editions published in Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Rome, Southern Italy, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Bologna and Florence.

Corriere della Sera Digital Edition 2.0 also contains additional content such as a leisure section with sudoku and other games.

Participating in the launch of the new Corriere della Sera digital edition 2.0 app, in its capacity as sponsor, will be Peugeot, which will introduce its new Peugeot 208 model at each stage of the communications campaign .

The communications plan, drawn up in conjunction with RCS’ Advertising division,  is strongly oriented towards on/off integration, with high-impact visibility on all platforms of the Corriere della Sera brand. Its all-encompassing scope involves  an audience of over 10 billion contacts.

As part of the launch, there will be a free period of seven days in which to try out the new app.  Readers can take out weekly (EUR 4.99), monthly (EUR 19.99) or annual (EUR 179.99)  subscriptions, on a recurring basis, and can unsubscribe at any time from the iTunes profile settings.

RCS Quotidiani  Press Office
Francesca Marzotto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel. 02 62824111 - 335 5997198
Beatrice Minzioni: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel. 02 62824810 - 339 8675715

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