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meristationIt's all about videogames

Prisa has finished a deep and fresh re-stying of MeriStation.com, its videogames website. Starting with the new main page featuring a hierarchy of contents, user-friendly navigation and appealing to the eye, the website faces a new and interesting period.

Among its content offering, videogame enthusiasts can find honest and detailed reviews for new releases, previews of forthcoming videogames, interviews with key people in the industry, news stories updated in real time 24/7, editorials, columns or guides, cheats and strategies to complete challenging games. And also, a very solid multimedia offer that includes video features, a daily news show, a weekly podcast leading the games category on iTunes, and live video coverage for major events such E3, Tokyo Game Show, or e-sports competitions.

The community is another of the website highlights; users from all Spanish speaking countries share experiences, start passionate debates, trade videogames, or keep each other informed with their personal opinions about the industry in ZonaForo forums.

Recently Meristation passed the 50k followers mark on Twitter and Facebook likes. The site can also be accessed by the official Android App, and very shortly, from an exclusive App for iOS devices.

Powered by Prisa's leading media outlets like El Pais, Canal+ Yomvi or Diario As in sharing videogame contents among the casual reader, MeriStation faces a very interesting period of audience expansion.

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