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A site to see - no longer just to read. Light, streamlined graphics make room for multimedia content. Even greater integration with social and community functions. These are the key concepts behind the new graphic look of Repubblica.it. While losing none of the features that have made Repubblica.it such a success, the site unleashes the full potential of technology in the service of real-time information, becoming bigger, broader and easier to read.

Naturally with news always at its heart. Repubblica.it has been Italy's top information site ever since it was first launched in 1997, and it was the first to introduce updates on its pages twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The new artwork gives even greater emphasis to real-time information, with a wealth of multimedia content and unprecedented in-depth analyses.

In order to achieve this, the layout of the articles is being completely redesigned, giving the reader an even more engaging visual experience. The videos of Repubblica TV, Italy's top source of on-demand information, will increasingly provide news together with photo galleries, interactivity and other multimedia features. Readers will be able to take part in the debate in real time, with comments on the site, instantly sharing any fragment of an article in order to continue the discussion also on social networks.

Full press release: http://www.gruppoespresso.it/en/press/gruppo-espresso-informs/gruppo-espresso-informa/documento/repubblicait-grafica-rinnovata.html

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