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OPA Europe member companies include first-rate online publishers, constituting a high-quality forum of premium brands.
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Best Practices

Three times a year, OPA Europe organizes Best Practices meetings throughout Europe, to debate practices and experiences on a specific topic.
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OPA Europe reports are based on the interactive exchange of insights and solutions, actionable data, case studies, and outcomes.
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Set for launch in a few weeks' time, MultiMag is a native-digital multi-magazine that combines the systematic objectivity of text content with high-impact visuals. It introduces a new format of native advertising, revolutionising the way publishers, brands and users interact. In a unique, unprecedented partnership with Manzoni, MultiMag will be published simultaneously on the websites of both companies.

MultiMag introduces an exclusive story and works on it in three dimensions: Multimedia, because MultiMag is made of words, images and sounds, in an exclusive package of specially selected content in innovative formats; Multiscreen, because it creates an immersive reading experience that makes ideal use of all screens, whatever size they may be; Multidevice, because the stories it tells are perfectly adaptable to all media devices, thus creating a unique digital experience.

MultiMag facilitates access to the content of those brands that have a story to tell, giving users enjoyable vertical navigation and creating exciting three-dimensional effects. Dedicated editorial care involves the audience as never before in a constant flow of narrative that is both natural and personal, totally revolutionary in its design.

MultiMag is distributed through the websites of the Condé Nast and Manzoni networks, together for the first time in this joint venture, addressing the two main targets: women and men.

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