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The L'Espresso website was revamped last October, coupling the quality and intelligence of "old style" journalism with the social and story-telling technology of new media.

This strategy received an immediate and highly encouraging response from L'Espresso readers, both old and new. In the first five months of the experiment – for other new features are currently being developed in the open workshop of the site – the results showed constant growth. Starting with an 89% increase in the average number of daily unique users, up from 70,000 in September 2013 to 134,000 in February 2014.

The average number of daily page views rose by 95% (from 217,251 to 424,630) during the same period. Of the 5 months since the restyling, February posted the all-time best monthly figure, with 2,858,796 unique visitors and 11,924,361 page views (+87% in both cases).

Also the multimedia content, with news that users can actually watch, has been appreciated: the videos produced and selected by L'Espresso, and greater integration with the Repubblica.it visual desk, led to a 2,560% increase, reaching 20,000 unique users last month. The fact that top-quality journalism still pays off can also be seen in the rise in the number of readers who come from search engines, and especially from social media: Google +73%, Facebook +326%, and Twitter +39%, showing that the new editorial strategy, which is designed to promote interaction with users on the various platforms, has been highly successful.

Full article: http://www.gruppoespresso.it/en/press/gruppo-espresso-informs/gruppo-espresso-informa/documento/lespresso-online-dopo-il-restyling-utenti-in-crescita-dell89-percento.html

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