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PRISA Radio, with a long and successful track record, knowledge and leadership in music radio, is launching a new online music platform for the Spanish market, available on both mobile devices and the internet. YES fm is aimed at helping users to broaden their current experience of music and allows them to decide how, when and where they want to listen to the music of their choice.

YES fm offers a user-friendly and customizable smart music service, enhanced by the presence of expert programmers, "Stars", in different genres and formats and in their own content, who are active throughout the platform. YES fm is a service that seeks to recommend, reveal and expose users to the hottest trends in the music world. When users register, they can create their own profile as well as follow others, and the service subsequently tracks and learns from their music listening habits by recommending other playlists, songs and artists. Social features allow users to share their content both within and outside YES fm, to follow a "star " or learn more about an artist they have selected as a favorite.

Full article: http://www.prisaradio.com/en/sala-de-prensa/yes-fm-digital-music-service-for-all-listeners/

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