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OPA Europe member companies include first-rate online publishers, constituting a high-quality forum of premium brands.
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Three times a year, OPA Europe organizes Best Practices meetings throughout Europe, to debate practices and experiences on a specific topic.
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OPA Europe reports are based on the interactive exchange of insights and solutions, actionable data, case studies, and outcomes.
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E+ is the symbol that Espresso has chosen to show old and new subscribers alike the new subscription content reserved for them.

Reports, analyses, surveys. But not just that. Because apart from informing and interpreting, journalism has a third aim: that of entertaining. Intelligent entertainment which is no less important for trying together to understand.

That is why, in addition to exclusive articles, readers who have subscribed can access a selection of films, selected and presented by Espresso journalists, as well as e-books written by the people who write for the magazine and access to the magazine page flip on all platforms.

All subscribers to the page-flip version of Espresso for iPad can access the content of the new Espresso+ service on a PC or tablet.

Full article: http://www.gruppoespresso.it/en/press/gruppo-espresso-informs/gruppo-espresso-informa/documento/gruppo-espresso-lancia-sulla-sua-testata-storica-il-nuovo-servizio-digitale-a-pagamento-lespresso.html

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