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The New York Times (NYTimes.com) today announced the launch of NYTimes.com In-School Access, a new digital subscription offering for K-12 institutions. The subscription offers full web access to NYtimes.com on any device within a school's IP range, with no login required.

Since The Times began selectively offering NYTimes.com In-School Access this summer, dozens of schools from around the country have signed up to participate in the program. Now, The Times is making the program available to K-12 schools worldwide.

NYTimes.com In-School Access is available exclusively to schools below college or university level and includes:

Full access to NYTimes.com within a school's IP range, with web access on any device
Access method that is seamless for students and faculty and addresses concerns for student privacy
Unlimited access to The Times archive from 1851-1922 and 1981-present. (No access is available to articles from 1923-1980.)

Full press release: http://investors.nytco.com/press/press-releases/press-release-details/2014/THE-NEW-YORK-TIMES-LAUNCHES-IN-SCHOOL--DIGITAL-SUBSCRIPTION-PROGRAM-FOR-K-12/default.aspx

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