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Three times a year, OPA Europe organizes Best Practices meetings throughout Europe, to debate practices and experiences on a specific topic.
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Seven leading newspapers from six countries have launched the Leading European Newspaper Alliance (LENA), in order to combine their journalistic skills and to promote quality journalism in Europe. The founding members are Die Welt from Germany, El País from Spain, La Repubblica from Italy, Le Figaro from France, Le Soir from Belgium, as well as Tages-Anzeiger and Tribune de Genève from Switzerland. The publishers of the founding newspapers have appointed Javier Moreno as the first director of the alliance. Mr Moreno was editor-in-chief of El País between 2006 and 2014.

LENA will strive, among other goals, for the consolidation of an Europe-wide public opinion, as its members share a series of common values regarding the importance of quality journalism in the structuring of open, democratic societies with a message of economic progress and social justice. The Alliance also intends to secure a technological, commercial and editorial edge for its members and therefore will select the appropriate partners in those fields.

Full press release: http://www.gruppoespresso.it/en/press/gruppo-espresso-informs/gruppo-espresso-informa/documento/leading-european-newspaper-alliance-accordo-di-collaborazione-tra-testate-europee.html

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