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One year ago this Wednesday, the well-respected French newspaper Le Monde launched its online Africa edition. With more than four million visits each month, it has set a name for itself among French-speaking Africans. The World Editors Forum spoke to Serge Michel, Le Monde Afrique's Editor-in-Chief about the lessons of the past year.

“Just like the English language media, which understood a long time ago that one of their survival strategies was to reach beyond their place of origin, Le Monde was looking to go global,” Serge Michel, Editor-in-Chief of Le Monde Afrique said in an interview to mark the first anniversary of their African news site.

“Africa, a continent with a large number of French-speakers, was a logical place to start because there are a lot of stories to tell, and it hadn’t been reached by quality media yet," Michel told us.

Full article: http://blog.wan-ifra.org/2016/01/18/le-monde-afrique-broader-more-diverse-coverage-of-africa

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