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Publishers are divided about what to do about ad blocking, whether it’s follow in the steps of Axel Springer’s Bild and toe the hard line, or unite together and make a stand to block ad blockers. At Digiday’s Publishing Summit in Bologna this week, we asked Europe’s top publishers what they are doing about ad blocking...

Meagan Lopez, global digital business director, New York Times
We recognize that ad blocking is because of bad user experience, so we’re first trying to make the ad experience better. We’re seeing what it looks like to have our mobile ad format, Flexframe, on desktop. We’ve started testing a few options, one is A/B testing several messages on people who we detect having ad blockers installed, one is more of a ‘knock knock’ could you turn off your ad blocker? We’re also testing various options if users decline to whitelist the website. It’s about making advertising more beautiful again. A premium publisher raises the bar so we need to start that trend and see it trickle down.

Full article: http://digiday.com/publishers/europes-top-publishers-theyre-ad-blocking/

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