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Today, Le Monde is quickly becoming a reference for transformation of a traditional publisher, thanks in part to its innovation-driven strategy led by group president, Louis Dreyfus.

Fortunately for Le Monde (and much to the chagrin of then-president Nicolas Sarkozy) a bid by three left-leaning investors to take over the daily was approved by the group’s board just a few weeks after Filloux’s pronouncement. The three were Matthieu Pigasse, a banker at Lazard; Xavier Niel, one of France’s then-few internet industry billionaires; and Pierre Bergé, the former partner in business and life of designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Under the take-over terms, the newsroom had to hand over majority control of the paper, which it had held since Le Monde’s inception at the end of the Second World War. But Le Monde had a life!

Dreyfus, a long-time associate of Pigasse, was quickly brought in to manage the newspaper and, yes, to start a little révolution. He described Le Monde's journey back from hell and its roadmap to innovation during his presentation, aptly titled “From an Institution to an Entrepreneurial Adventure,” at the World News Media Congress in Cartagena, Colombia, last week.

Full article: http://blog.wan-ifra.org/2016/06/15/the-new-le-monde-from-an-institution-to-an-entrepreneurial-adventure

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