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Ad blocking emerged over a year ago as a major threat to digital publishing, most acutely in Europe, which has long boasted the highest ad-blocking rates in the world. But now, European publishers are seeing ad blocking rates stabilize and even drop.

It’s too soon for publishers to declare victory in the war on ad blocking. Publishers at the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe in Nice, France, said there’s still much work to be done, with one estimate in France stating publishers are losing up to one-fifth of their desktop ad revenue to the problem. But several publishing executive said that ad blocking rates are no longer growing, helped by the shift to mobile, where ad blocking is far less prevalent. There’s also signs that more muscular and comprehensive approaches by publishers to both clean up their ad experience and crack down on users of ad blockers is paying dividends.

The IAB Europe is gathering information from various markets on the issue, but Townsend Freehan, CEO of IAB Europe, said early indications are ad blocking has stabilized.

Full article: http://digiday.com/publishers/europe-ad-blocking-rates/

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