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The outlets — El País, the Guardian, Le Monde, and Spiegel Online — represent four countries that are each their own case study for the next chapter of the migration story, on the changing face of Europe, and how these newcomers are welcomed.

Across Europe, the migration story is still unfolding. Starting this month, four European news organizations — in Britain, France, Germany, and Spain — are partnering on an 18-month reporting project tracking individuals and families as they begin new lives in new home countries, as well as the communities that welcome them, amidst a rise of populist resentment.

“A good journalist knows how to tell stories happening at a given time. But this story is evolving in a way none of us can predict,” said Serge Michel, reporter-at-large for the French newspaper Le Monde and editor of Le Monde Afrique, the paper’s edition covering Francophone Africa. “So if you follow a family and they integrate well into the city, it’s one story. If there are problems, it’s another story. We don’t know what will happen.”


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