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There’s more than one way for publishers to build an e-commerce strategy. The Telegraph believes that its habit of creating a substantial amount of travel content and its engaged readership puts it ahead of others.

The Telegraph has built out its e-commerce business for the last 18 months as a way of diversifying revenue streams. It predicts e-commerce will overtake advertising as a portion of its total revenue in three to five years. Travel is the most mature commerce sector for The Telegraph.

“E-commerce makes up a significant part — but not the majority — of revenue at the moment,” said Nick Hugh, COO at Telegraph Media Group. “It’s had high growth, north of 50 percent, but not triple digit, and that’s not from a tiny base. That’s testament to the opportunity that sits in front of us on the travel side.” Hugh was unable to share exactly how much e-commerce brings in for the business, as Telegraph Media Group is a private company.

Full article: https://digiday.com/media/travel-driving-telegraphs-e-commerce-business/

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