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Facebook has partnered with French news organizations to help Facebook verify posts. While publishers are glad Facebook has started the initiative, they say the process lacks efficiency and transparency.

In February, Facebook announced an ongoing partnership between eight French media companies, including Le Monde, Libération and Agence France-Presse, to fact-check and filter news articles that Facebook users flag as false. Once flagged, at least two of the media companies have to agree a story is false. Then, it will be tagged, and Facebook will issue a warning if someone shares it. The process allows Facebook cover to say it is acting as a platform while still showing it is doing something to address the proliferation of propaganda there.

Samuel Laurent, head of Les Décodeurs, Le Monde’s fact-checking team, said this process typically takes between five and seven days. By that point, a flagged post could have been shared thousands of times. “Often some reviews wait several days before an action is taken against the fake news, so it’s probably too late at this point,” he said.

Full article: https://digiday.com/uk/french-publishers-unimpressed-facebooks-fake-news-crackdown/

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