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Publishers like to talk about the value of user experience, but not all are willing to take the short-term revenue hit necessary to improve it. Le Monde took the leap and lived to tell about it.

The leading French newspaper shed 40 percent of its ad inventory last September, and after losing €800,000 ($985,000) over the following four months, it has recouped the revenue.

Along with reducing its ad inventory, Le Monde also shed 12 ad tech vendor partners, including Teads, Advideum, and Mobvalue, an action it took alongside fellow national Le Figaro as part of their alliance, Skyline. The Skyline initiative, aimed at providing bigger reach to compete for ad spending with Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple, generates 35 million unique users, according to Médiamétrie, an audience measurement and survey company. After shedding the vendors, both Le Figaro and Le Monde saw video revenue increase by 50 percent. Le Monde is now getting video ad CPMs of up to €15 ($18), up from around €7 ($9) it was getting before dropping the partners, according to the publisher.

Full article: https://digiday.com/media/le-monde-sees-time-site-increase-shedding-40-percent-ads-12-vendors/

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