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OPA Europe member companies include first-rate online publishers, constituting a high-quality forum of premium brands.
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Three times a year, OPA Europe organizes Best Practices meetings throughout Europe, to debate practices and experiences on a specific topic.
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OPA Europe reports are based on the interactive exchange of insights and solutions, actionable data, case studies, and outcomes.
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Based on 18 case studies of media companies on six continents, "The Smartphone Choices for Media Companies" synthesizes best practices in smartphone development into a storyline of choices:

  • Are smartphone products designed to build new audiences or add value for existing audiences?
  • Is the smartphone a complement to other platforms or its own unique experience?
  • Is the company objective to build audience volume or fill up a tightly defined audience niche?
  • Will the smartphone be used for the core news brand or the development of smaller passion niches?
  • Each media company's choices drive the tactical realities of today: Mobile Web or app? Smartphone or tablet emphasis?

"The Smartphone Choices for Media Companies" by INMA looks at:

  • Market opportunities for publishers.
  • Emerging strategies for publishers.
  • A profile of the smartphone audience.
  • Trends in smartphone product development.
  • Monetisation, notably advertising.
  • What publishers see next for the smartphone.

The 145-page report is presented through two lenses:

  • A narrative developed by INMA based on the case studies.
  • The raw case studies themselves.

Read more: http://www.inma.org/modules/store/index.cfm?action=store_detail&pubid=177#ixzz2kQS1nHWD

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