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The Online Publishers Association (OPA) has released "Branding on Display", a study providing insight into the role branding plays in online advertising as well as agency and marketer preferences of media for achieving their branding objectives. The study found that agency and marketer decision-makers report significantly higher levels of satisfaction with Premium Content Publishers (78%) than with Facebook (51%). Premium Content Publishers outpace Facebook across key advertising priorities, including: offering brand safety (71% vs. 36%); having the best creative options for brand-focused ad campaigns (64% vs. 26%); capturing the attention of the audience (63% vs. 29%); and offering a platform where the ads are considered viewable (59% vs. 42%).

According to "Branding on Display", 47% of decision makers believe Premium Content Publishers are the best media for brand-focused advertising campaigns, compared to 16% preferring Social Media, 13% favoring Video Ad Networks and 11% preferring Portals. Premium Content Publishers are also considered superior to Social Media at delivering the most important branding objectives: increasing consideration of brand (79% vs. 55%); increasing brand preference (84% vs. 54%); improving brand favorability (81% vs. 54%); and increasing purchase intent (78% vs. 50%).

"We wanted to better understand marketers' priorities for delivering their brand objectives online. The research undoubtedly demonstrates that decision makers value Premium Content Publishers for their branding messages over all other media," said Pam Horan, President, OPA. "With 63% of marketers perceiving Premium Content Publishers as a superior channel to reach their brand goals compared to Social Media at only 27%, the message is very clear: marketers believe that their brand campaigns benefit from the environment offered by top media brands."

More information: http://www.online-publishers.org/index.php/opa_news/press_release/branding_on_display

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