amsterdamAt its best practices meeting to be held in Amsterdam this June, OPA Europe members will focus on 'Big Data', namely the availability, processing, analysis and revenue potential of an exponentially growing amount of information available to publishers, from a multiplicity of sources and in a multiplicity of formats.

OPA Europe members will present their own case studies as well as discuss and debate different key areas where 'Big Data' is being deployed, such as:

  • Journalism, namely the content creation side of the business where greater availability of data in digital form is making possible the unearthing of news stories, if proper tools, skills and processes are in place.

  • Marketing , i.e. the selection, collection, processing and analysis of customer data so as to formulate both a CRM framework and develop targeted marketing communications at individual or micro-cluster level.

  • Advertising sales, probably the most contentious and complicated area where 'Big Data' comes to the fore, as publishers wrestle with agencies and ad networks over the control of potentially critical information, concerning user profiles and behavior.
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