Member Companies

OPA Europe member companies include first-rate online publishers, constituting a high-quality forum of premium brands.
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Best Practices

Three times a year, OPA Europe organizes Best Practices meetings throughout Europe, to debate practices and experiences on a specific topic.
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OPA Europe reports are based on the interactive exchange of insights and solutions, actionable data, case studies, and outcomes.
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paris2016OPA Europe's upcoming Best Practices meeting will take place on March 2-3 in Paris, and will focus on “New Revenues“ for premium publishers.

As recent experience among premium content providers shows, sources of new revenue include e-commerce, events, membership schemes (that include significant extra benefits than a content subscription), consulting/agency services, custom publishing, data sales and listings/classifieds.

These activities can be the result of organic growth, joint ventures or acquisitions nonetheless they constitute a distinct new revenue source for publishers within the context of business diversification.

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