retention small whitebgThis best practices meeting on March 4-5 will focus on "Loyalty, retention and churn management strategies" in subscriptions, following through on our October meeting that dealt with the issue of paid content in a broader manner. Points covered will range from content innovation to formats/channels (web, newsletter, podcasts, notifications, etc.), and from metrics /KPIs (e.g., RFV) to marketing techniques, for instance, messaging and price. Emphasis will also be placed on tech and tools, particularly in Data management (collection, analysis, deployment), and different phases (onboarding, renewal, upselling) will be further examined.

subsOn October 15-16, the members of OPA Europe met virtually to discuss Subscription Strategies for Digital Publishers. Presentations focused on the strategies and tactics premium publishers have implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Issues examined include company re-organization, content and services development, managing advertising sales, as well as innovations in marketing, in order to acquire or retain readers.

subscriptions 2020This OPA Europe virtual meeting on October 15-16 will examine multiple facets of premium publishers' subscription strategies, notably conversion & retention approaches (centered on new product development, pricing and audience segmentation / targeting), the restructuring of processes and teams as well as resources deployed, both in terms of talent and technological tools.

covid recap smallOn June 18-19, the members of OPA Europe met virtually to discuss Publishing in a Crisis - Covid and Beyond. Presentations examined crucial issues such as strategic approach and rationale, content and services offered while focusing also on marketing/distribution, performance metrics and monetization, as well as technology and human resources.

covidOPA Europe's first ever virtual Best Practices meeting will take place on June 18-19. The central theme of the meeting is "Digital Publishing: Covid-19 and Beyond", and will examine the impact of the pandemic crisis on our industry, by examining both its consequences (across editorial, subscription sales, ad monetization and marketing) and the path to recovery.

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