hamburg 2019OPA Europe members will be meeting in Hamburg on October 19-20 to discuss "Innovations in Advertising".

This meeting will cover trends and new practices in Programmatic trading (especially in the post-3P cookie context), content marketing and native advertising, as well as e-commerce initiatives and other services (e.g., events) that publishers are offering to agencies and brands.

IMG 0872On June 22-23, the members of OPA Europe met in Copenhagen at the offices of JP Politiken to discuss Digital Video & Audio/Voice Strategies.

Presentations covered the strategies and tactics premium publishers are implementing to address the challenges and opportunities in the digital video and audio/voice marketplaces.

copenhagen 2023 2OPA Europe members will be meeting in Copenhagen on June 22-23 to discuss "Digital Video & Audio/Voice Strategies".

Discussions will examine content production, consumption and distribution, resources deployed (HR and technology), marketing, advertising monetisation strategies, as well as personalization/AI inputs.

barcelona conference room 5On March 23-24, the members of OPA Europe met in Barcelona at the offices of La Vanguardia to discuss Audience Development Strategies. Presentations covered new content strategies for (new) audience acquisition, in terms of thematics (type of content), formats (text, audio, video, infographics, etc.) and distribution channels (web, newsletter, app, etc.).

barcelona2023 smallOPA Europe members will be meeting in Barcelona on March 23-24 to discuss "Audience Development", that is the strategies, tactics, resources and tools that premium news brands across Europe are deploying to grow their user base, foster loyalty and engagement and convert readers into long term subscribers.

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