barcelona conference room 5On March 23-24, the members of OPA Europe met in Barcelona at the offices of La Vanguardia to discuss Audience Development Strategies. Presentations covered new content strategies for (new) audience acquisition, in terms of thematics (type of content), formats (text, audio, video, infographics, etc.) and distribution channels (web, newsletter, app, etc.).

barcelona2023 smallOPA Europe members will be meeting in Barcelona on March 23-24 to discuss "Audience Development", that is the strategies, tactics, resources and tools that premium news brands across Europe are deploying to grow their user base, foster loyalty and engagement and convert readers into long term subscribers.

london recapOn October 20-21, the members of OPA Europe met in London at the offices of The Telegraph to discuss Subscription Strategies. Presentations covered the strategies and tactics that premium publishers are deploying to develop their subscription operations and revenues. Issues examined include the product or service, pricing and marketing as well as matters of resources, distribution and advertising proposition.

telegraphOPA Europe members will be meeting in London on October 20-21 to discuss "Subscriptions and Paid Content", and will examine multiple facets of premium publishers' subscription strategies, notably conversion & retention approaches (centered on new product development, pricing and audience segmentation / targeting), the restructuring of processes and teams as well as resources deployed, both in terms of talent and technological tools.

oslo conf roomOn June 23-24, the members of OPA Europe met in Oslo at the offices of NHST to discuss Platforms and Distribution Strategies. Presentations covered major trends and addressed best practices across a wide range of topics such as search, social, audio, ecommerce, TV and data, amongst others.

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